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Find All Kwun Tong District Apartments, Flats And Houses For Sale

Hot Properties In Kwun Tong District

Residential Properties For Sale In Kwun Tong District

Net 3,110 sq. ft.[Not Verified]
KowloonKwun Tong DistrictSau Mau PingPo Lam Road

C-036846 (Verified)

HK$ 150M

Updated on 11 Jun 2021

Net 260 sq. ft.
KowloonKwun Tong DistrictKwun TongWai Yip Street

Jun Chen 陳美娟

S-521640 (Verified)

HK$ 3.89M

HK$ 3.9M

Price Increased on 16 May 2020

Gross 647 sq. ft.Net 513 sq. ft.
KowloonKwun Tong DistrictNgau Tau KokTung Ming Street

Vincent Chiu 趙國鴻

E-431429 (Verified)

HK$ 7.98M

HK$ 7.6M

Price Reduced on 23 Aug 2020

Gross 397 sq. ft.Net 282 sq. ft.
KowloonKwun Tong DistrictNgau Tau KokNgau Tau Kok Road


C-018850 (Verified)

HK$ 5.6M

Updated on 29 Apr 2021

Net 365 sq. ft.
KowloonKwun Tong DistrictNgau Tau KokHong Ning Road

Wilson Ng 伍瑞樑

S-113329 (Verified)

HK$ 5.88M

Updated on 27 Apr 2021

Gross 609 sq. ft.Net 527 sq. ft.
KowloonKwun Tong DistrictKowloon BayWai Yip Street

Winnie Chan 陳添杏

E-167232 (Verified)

HK$ 8.2M

HK$ 8M

Price Reduced on 08 Mar 2020

About Buying Apartments, Flats And Houses In Kwun Tong District

Kwun Tong DistrictKwun Tong District

Kwun Tong District has the following subdistrict(s) : Cha Kwo Ling, Cha Liu Au, Kowloon Bay, Lam Tin, Ngau Tau Kok, Sau Mau Ping, Yau Tong

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