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Yung Shue Wan

Yung Shue Wan

Yung Shue Wan (榕樹灣) is the main village on Lamma Island where you'll find a mix of residential properties, small retail shops and local restaurants. It's a short 30-minute ferry from Central Pier on Hong Kong Island (or 40 minutes by ferry from Aberdeen). The ferries run frequently too, which makes it a good option for urbanites looking for a quieter life outside of the normal 9-5. Although it's the busiest place on Lamma Island, Yung Shue Wan is a popular place to live, especially for expatriates, due to the short and convenient ferry commutes to Hong Kong Island as well as the much more spacious and idyllic residential living environment. Yung Shue Wan is far less hectic & populated than many of Hong Kong's other built-up urban centres - it has none of the tall claustrophobic residential housing estates and skyscrapers that have been developed to relieve the growing residential and commercial population pressure observed in other regions in Hong Kong. Instead, Yung Shue Wan offers a relaxed pace of life; there are no chain stores, but rather small cafes and family-owned and operated restaurants. Since the Island is also car-free, with that goes the noise pollution as well. Overall, Yung Shue Wan is a great spot for families with plenty of recreational activities on offer close by and a great place to own pets.

Market Trends and Property Prices for Yung Shue Wan

Average Listing Sales Price per square feet in January 2020 For Residential properties in Yung Shue Wan
HK$ 8,571 / sq. ft.
0% (Last month HK$ 8,571 / sq. ft.)

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Po Wah Yuen

HK$ 6.98M

SFA 700'

Po Wah Yuen

HK$ 3.3M

SFA 350'

Po Wah Yuen

HK$ 2.75M

SFA 350'

Streets In Yung Shue Wan

Yung Shue Wan Main Street

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