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Lam Tsuen

Lam Tsuen

Lam Tsuen (林村) is a residential sub-district of Tai Po District in the East of Northern Territories comprising of 26 villages covering 150 hectares. Lam Tsuen is considered a comfortable area to live away from some of the larger cities in Hong Kong. Many of the locals have long ties to the area, but all of Lam Tsuen's residents enjoy the extra space, the fresh air as well as the rural lifestyle. One of the main attractions in Lam Tsuen is the well-wishing festival - one of the iconic Hong Kong Chinese New Year celebrations, which has 700 + year-old history. Lam Tsuen has two ‘wishing trees’ that attract many tourists each year who come to tie joss paper onto two banyan trees and then make wishes for pregnancy, marriage, as well as academic achievement, health and good fortune. Nowadays, in a bid to protect the trees, tourists tie paper onto nearby wooden racks or imitation trees. Other notable attractions in Lam Tsuen is the Tin Hau Temple (Goddess of the Sea) which was built during Emperor Qianlong's reign (1736–1796) of the Qing dynasty and the stunning views of the Lam Tsuen Country Park


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