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To Kwa Wan

To Kwa Wan

South of Kowloon City and adjacent to the old Kai Tak international airport (to the West) is To Kwa Wan (土瓜灣); a mixed residential and commercial area. Similar to Kowloon City, many buildings in the area were restricted in height to between 8-10 stories because of the old Kai Tak international airport. Although some buildings in the area are old, To Kwa Wan is often described as an area with a lively community spirit and an attractive option for many locals because of its lower rents. Many of the public housing estates in To Kwa Wan were built in the 1970s to alleviate housing pressure in other parts of Kowloon. Places of interest include Hoi Sham Park, the old Cattle Depot and the Towngas Storage Station.

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